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# Title Author/s Date Published
1 Development Of Intermittent Drought Stress Tolerant Common Bean Genotypes In Uganda W Amongi, ST Nkalubo, M O. et al 2014
2 Genetics Of Drought Tolerance In Common Bean Genotypes Adapted To Ugandan Conditions W. AMONGI, S.T. NKALUBO, . et al 2015
3 Variety × Environment × Management Interaction Of Diseases And Yield In Selected Common Bean Varieties Awio Bruno , Mukankusi M.. et al 2017
4 Prevalence And Variability Of The Common Bean Rust In Uganda Blessing Adanta Odogwu, S. et al 2016
5 Inheritance Of Resistance To Common Bacterial Blight In Four Selected Common Bean (Phaseolus Vulgaris L.) Genotypes Boris M. E. Alladassi, St. et al 2017
6 Susceptibility To Bruchids Among Common Beans In Uganda J.A. Ebinu, V. Nsabiyera,. et al 2016
7 Effect Of Marker Aided Pyramiding Of Anthracnose And Pythium Root Rot Resistance Genes On Plant Agronomic Characters Among Advanced Common Bean Genotypes M. Kiryowa, S. T. Nkalubo. et al 2015
8 Virulence Diversity Of Colletotrichum Lindemuthianum In Uganda Kiryowa M, A. Ebinu A, Ky. et al 2014
9 Pathogenic Variation Of Colletotrichum Lindemuthianum Causing Anthracnose Of Beans (Phaseolus Vulgaris) In Uganda Moses J. Kiryowa, Aston E. et al 2016
10 Response Of Tissue Zinc To Zinc Fertilisation By Zinc Biofortifier Bush Bean Genotypes Targeted For Low Income Communities E. Nankya, J. S. Tenywa1,. et al 2015
11 ‘Naspot 12 O’ And ‘Naspot 13 O’ Sweetpotato Robert O.M. Mwanga and Ge. et al 2016
12 Breeding For Bean Anthracnose Resistance: Matching Breeding Interventions With People’S Livelihoods Through Participatory Variety Selection S.T. Nkalubo, A. Namayanj. et al 2013
13 Composition And Variation Of Fatty Acids Among Groundnut Cultivars In Uganda E Achola, P. Tukamuhabwa,. et al 2017
14 Adoption Of On-Farm Plantation Forestry By Smallholder Farmers In Uganda I. Kiyingi, A. Edriss, M.. et al 2016
15 Agronomic Qualities Of Genetic Pyramids Of Common Bean Developed For Multiple-Disease-Resistance D. OKII , P. TUKAMUHABWA,. et al 2017
16 Detection Of Sister-Species In Invasive Populations Of The Fall Armyworm Spodoptera Frugiperda (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) From Uganda. Michael H. Otim , Wee Tek. et al 2018
17 Determinants Of Groundnut Rosette Virus Disease Occurrence In Uganda I.O. Mugisa, J. Karungi, . et al 2015
18 Effect Of Marker Aided Pyramiding Of Anthracnose And Pythium Root Rot Resistance Genes On Plant Agronomic Characters Among Advanced Common Bean Genotypes M. Kiryowa, S. T. Nkalubo. et al 2015
19 Effectiveness Of A Biological Control Agent Palexorista Gilvoides In Controlling Gonometa Podorcarpi In Conifer Plantations Of Uganda P Kiwuso, R Tumuhimbise, . et al 2015
20 Effects Of Plant Density On The Performance Of Local And Elite Cowpea [Vigna Unguiculata L. (Walp)] Varieties In Eastern Uganda J. Bisikwa, R. Kawooya, J. et al 2014
21 Evaluation And Delivery Of Disease-Resistant And Micronutrient Dense Sweet Potato Varieties To Farmers In Uganda G. Ssemakula, C. Niringiy. et al 2014
22 Evaluation Of The Reaction Of Segregating Generations Of Improved Groundnuts [Arachis Hypogaea L] To Rosette Disease In Uganda J. M. Ssebuliba, R. G. Na. et al 2014
23 Farmers’ Knowledge On Forage Production In Smallholder Dairy Systems Of Uganda Buyinza Joel, Sekatuba Ju. et al 2015
24 Gene Effects For Resistance To Groundnut Rossette Disease In Exotic Valencia Groundnuts RC Nalugo, W Wambi, JM Se. et al 2016
25 Genetic Variability Studies Of Valencia Groundnut Varieties For Late Leaf Spot (Phaeoisariopsis Personata) Resistance Wilber Wambi, Pinehas Tuk. et al 2015
26 Genetics Of Resistance To Groundnut Rosette Virus Disease . et al 2014
27 Genomics, Genetics And Breeding Of Tropical Legumes For Better Livelihoods Of Smallholder Farmers Chris Ojiewo Emmanuel Mo. et al 2018
28 Growth Performance Of 5-Year Old Pinus Caribaea Var. Hondurensis (Barr. And Golf.) In Selected Districts Of Uganda F Kalanzi, S Nansereko, P. et al 2014
29 Heritability For Resistance To Rosette Disease In Exotic Valencia Groundnuts R.G. Nalugo, W. Wambi, J.. et al 2016
30 Incidence And Severity Of Potentially Toxigenic Aspergillus Flavus In Maize (Zea Mays L.) From Different Major Maize Growing Regions Of Uganda Julius P. Sserumaga, Dan . et al 2015
31 Acacia Nilotica, Acacia Seyal And Sesbania Sesban As Supplements To Tef (Eragrostic Tef ) Straw Fed To Sheep And Goats. Ebong, C.. et al 1995
32 Dry And Wet Season Performance Of Selected Forage Legumes In Uganda. Lusembo, P., Ebong, C., S. et al 1997
33 Agronomic Evaluation Of Herbaceous Forage Legumes In A Subhumid Zone Of Uganda Lusembo, P., Mohamed-Sale. et al 1995
34 Influence Of Seed Size On Seed And Seedling Characteristics Of Centrosema Pubescens. Lusembo, P., Sabiiti, E.N. et al 1995
35 Seed Yield Components Of Macroptilium Atropurpureum Cv Siratro As Influenced By Staking Height. Lusembo, P., Sabiiti, E.N. et al 1997
36 Integration Of Cassava Tuber And Forage Legume Seed Production For Sustained Soil Fertility. Lusembo,P., Ebong,C. and . et al 1997
37 Occurrence Of Concurrent Trypanosomosis, Theileriosis, Anaplasmosis And Helminthosis In Friesian, Zebu And Sahiwal Cattle In Uganda. Magona, J.W., Mayende, J.. et al 2002
38 Comparative Evaluation Of The Antibody Detection Elisa Technique Using Microplates Precoated With Denatured Crude Antigens From Trypanosoma Congolense Or Trypanosoma Vivax. Magona, J.W., Mayende, J.. et al 2002
39 The Mechanisms Of Arsenical And Diamidine Uptake And Resistance In Trypanosoma Brucei. Matovu, E., Mhairi, L. S.. et al 2003
40 Effect Of Drip Irrigation Regimes On The Growth And Yield Of Tomatoes In Central Uganda Teddy Kizza; Bernard Fung. et al 2016
41 Incidence And Severity Of Maize Ear Rots And Factors Responsible For Their Occurrence In Uganda G. Bigirwa, A.N. Kaaya, G. et al 2007
42 Fungal Microflora Causing Maize Ear Rots In Uganda And Associated Aflatoxins G. Bigirwa , G. Sseruwu ,. et al 2006
43 Developing Capacity For Agricultural Market Chain Innovation: Experience With The 'Pmca' In Uganda DOUGLAS HORTON, BEATRICE . et al 2010
44 Narrowing The Yield Gap Of Rice Through Soil Fertility Management In The Lake Victoria Crescent Agro-Ecological Zone, Uganda . et al 2013
45 Population Dynamics Of Ticks On Indigenous Cattle In A Pastoral Dry To Semi-Arid Rangeland Zone Of Uganda. Exp. Appl Acarol., 23, 79-88. Okello-Onen, J., Tukahirw. et al 1999
46 Prevalence Of Surra In Dromedary Camels In Uganda. Olaho-Mukani, W., Kakaire. et al 1998
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