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Title: Occurrence of concurrent trypanosomosis, theileriosis, anaplasmosis and helminthosis in Friesian, Zebu and Sahiwal cattle in Uganda.

Date Published: 2002
Author/s: Magona, J.W., Mayende, J.S.P.
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Journal Publisher: Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research
Keywords: Trypanosomosis; theileriosis; anaplasmosis; helminthosis; Zebu; Sahiwal


An epidemiological investigation was conducted on farms in Tororo and Soroti districts of Uganda from January to February 2000 to determine the cause of reported persistent mortality of cattle. Blood and faecal material of 98 cattle comprising of 33 Friesians, 58 Zebu and 7 Sahiwal were examined. Results revealed that seven (7.1 %) cattle had trypanosome infection, mainly due to Trypanosoma vivax and T. brucei, 17 (17.3%) Fasciola infection, 28 (28.6%) gastrointestinal nematode infection, 33 (33.7%) Theileria sp. infection and 13 (13.3%) Anaplasma marginale infection. Mixed infections were detected in 30%, 20.6% and 43 % of the Friesian, Zebu and Sahiwal cattle respectively. Anaemia (PCV < 25) was detected in 24%, 19% and 14% of the Friesian, Zebu and Sahiwal cattle respectively. Persistent mortality of cattle on these farms could have been due to either single or mixed parasitic infections probably exacerbated by malnutrition.