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Title: Influence of seed size on seed and seedling characteristics of Centrosema pubescens.

Date Published: 1995
Author/s: Lusembo, P., Sabiiti, E.N. and Mugerwa, J.S.,
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Journal Publisher: African Crop Science Journal
Keywords: vigour; seed dry weight; Planting depth; Germination


Seed of Centro of different sizes was produced from ungraded seed under three support systems; unstaked, staked and intercropped with cassava. The effect of seed size (as a result of production system) and planting depth on germination rate, germination percentage and seedling vigour were examined during laboratory and screen house experiments. Results showed slight but nonsignificant differences in seedling performance of 100 seeds weighing 2.0 and 2.9 g (from intercropped and staked centro, respectively), while seedling performance of above seeds was significantly (P<0.05) higher than that of unstaked centro whose 100 seeds weighed 2.6 g. Positive associations between seedling performance and seed size were also observed. Production of centro seed from cassava supported or staked plants yielded larger seeds size and better seedling performance compared to unstaked growth.