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Title: Simsim is one of the oil crops grown in the North and East of Uganda.

Date Published: 2003
Soil Fertility: Simsim II grows well in fertile sandy loamy soils with high organic matter content.
Climate: It requires about 700 -1000 mm of rain well distributed per Year.
Lad preparation: Prepare land for planting 4-6 weeks before planting. The seedbed should be of fine tilth
Planting materials: It is recommended that farmers buy and plant certified and dressed seed obtained from Serere Agricultural and Animal Production Research Institute (SAARI) and agents of Uganda seeds Project.
Preparation of planting materials:
Other soil treatments:
When to plant: Plant at the on-set of rains in March April and July - August.
Spacing: Plant in rows at spacing of 30 cm X 10 cm for easy weeding, spraying, harvesting and removal of off-type. 4 kg of seed is enough to plant one hectare.