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Title: Establishment and field management of robusta coffee

Date Published: 2010
Soil Fertility:
Lad preparation: •    Prepare the land during dry season and remove foresttree stumps and roots to minimize fungal diseases.
•    Trees are killed 1 year in advance by ring barking butsome can be left to provide shade at a spacing of 15 x15 m.
•    Perennial weeds such as couch grass should beremoved It is not necessary to till the soil unless the coffeewill be intercropped with annuals.
•    Carry out suitable soil conservation measures such ascontour terraces, bands, grass strips and cut off drainsif the land is sloppy to avoid soil and nutrient loss.
Planting materials: •    Obtain planting materials from nurseries recommendedby the Uganda Coffee Development Authority(UCDA) or the Coffee Research CENTRE (COREC).
Preparation of planting materials:
Other soil treatments: •    You mayadd single Super Phosphate (SSP) fertilizer at 60 g perhole. Heap the soil over the hole above the generalground level to allow for settling that may follow rain.
When to plant:
Spacing: •    Robusta coffee is planted at a spacing of 3m x 3m.
•    Holes 60cm x 60cm (diameter x depth) should be prepared3 months before planting. This allows for looseningof the soils to allow for better water and root penetration.

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