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Title: Crop management topics

Date Published: 2017
Author/s: Kalule Okello David et al
Soil Fertility: All soils, other than very heavy ones are suitable for growing groundnut, but the best are deep, well
drained sandy, sandy loam or loamy sand soils.
Climate: Optimum temperatures are 27 - 30 °C for vegetative growth and 24 - 27 °C for
reproductive growth. Between 450 mm and 1250 mm of evenly distributed rainfall is required annually for
good growth and yield. Early maturing small seeded varieties require 300 - 500 mm while medium to late
maturing large seeded varieties need 1000 - 1200 mm rainfall.
Lad preparation: Groundnut is not suited to growing in very dry areas or at altitudes higher than 1500 metres
above sea level (around 5000 ft). Generally higher altitudes with cooler climates are not suitable for
groundnut production.
Planting materials:
Preparation of planting materials:
Other soil treatments: •    Groundnuts respond better to residual fertility than to direct fertilization.
•    Broadcast and incorporate it with the soil during the land preparation.
•    A soil test is the best way to determine whether fertilizer or lime is required in groundnut growing.
•    The general fertilizer recommendation is: NPK kg /ha: 25 kg of N - 50 kg of P2O5 - 100 kg of K2O
When to plant:

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